Many of our followers will have noticed the Club has been quiet on social media over the past few weeks – this is due to an ongoing situation with Twitter where our Club account (@The_Bloaters) was suspended for an alleged breach of copyright.

We have appealed against the claim, and have sent dozens of messages to Twitter to get the issue resolved with no response from them whatsoever. To date Twitter have failed to provide any evidence of any alleged copyright breach and we continue to appeal the suspension.

We have set up a Temporary account for club matters @TheBloaters and will begin to use this account from today – we would appreciate retweets to get this message out, in order to grow the follower base of the temporary account, whilst we continue to appeal the current un-justified suspension from Twitter. We believe there has been no breach of copyright at all from the main account, so we are puzzled as to why it is taking so long to resolve.

We will be sharing a ton of great content over the coming days with updates on the Youth Set up (awesome growth), details around our Sponsors and Charity/Technical and Strategic partners, and a number of player updates as the squad starts to take shape for the 2021-22 season beginning on 31 July.

Many thanks for your ongoing support